What A November

I have been asked by a couple of people why I still do National Novel Writing Month. I just finished my fourth year of participating. A few of my friends have done it once and say that they never need to do it again. Since I know I can do it, should I be moving onto another challenge?

What I have learned is that the challenge is different every year. Since I only do it once a year, it do not develop a great number of efficiencies. Every year I have to make a new plan and start over again. I know that I have to hunker down and write, but I do not know what that means in terms of coming up with a story.

I feel like I have to learn how to write fiction all over again every year. I know there are some big reasons for this. Over the last four years NaNoWriMo is the only place I have been writing fiction. In that 11 months my life usually changes a lot. I have a whole year of new thoughts and feelings to carry into my novel with me. As my life goes on I am in a much different place from year to year.

I do not feel like I wrote a novel that is worth reading. It was not really much of a novel at all. It was really just a pre-novel. It is a bunch of short stories with the same characters. I am not sure I will be able to turn this novel into anything.

If I can I will National Novel Writing Month again next year. What I need is to find a way to write during the rest of the year.


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