iPhone, iUnconvinced

Apple announced their new cell phone, the iPhone. It was the big announcement at MacWorld this year. Most of the people I know are going crazy for them already. They are excited to see that Apple is entering the smart phone market. They think that apple will clobber it the same way they clobbered the MP3 player market.

I am always hesitant when people tell me something is the next big thing. I have seen a lot of next big things fail. I will hold my judgment on the iPhone until I can see and use one. I think the devil will be in the details here. Even if the UI is really good it does not mean the hardware will live up to the UI.

I am worried about the touch screen. I want to have real buttons and a real keyboard. I ma happy to give up some screen size for real buttons. I like the feedback you do not get on a touch screen. I also have fat, sweaty fingers. That is not good for a touch screen. It will be hard to keep clean and unscratched. I think I would rather have a larger device with a slider.

I wonder how long it takes for them to put out the same device without any phone features. It looks like it would be a pretty cool iPod without the phone features. I would like it for just wifi/iPod use.

I am also unconvinced because I am not about to switch my phone provider to get one. I am not about to switch to Singular. No one I know likes Singular.

I guess I will just have to wait and see.


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