iPhoning It In

The only think people have been talking about over the last couple of days is the iPhone. It the SFlickr meetup last night I must have talked about the iPhone six times. Everyone just wants to get one.

I have been telling people all the reasons I will not be running out to buy one right away. Mostly I am not willing to switch my phone service to Singular to get the phone. I guess I would have to leave the United States to use it on the phone provider of my choice. If I could get it for T-mobile I might think about it.

It seems that lots of people are blogging about it. That has to be a good thing for Apple. I wonder if they will be able to keep the Buzz high from now to the release in June. For those who do not know they announced it now because it still has to go through FCC testing. There would be no way to keep it quite during FCC testing.

Here is a pretty good article about 10 myths about the iPhone. Most of what I have read so far has been about how the iPhone will either kill all other smart phones or fail out right. It seems like there is no middle point on that continuum for people who are writing about the iPhone.

Personally I want to hold and use one before I judge what it will do in the market place. I think there is a good chance that the phone will do well and still not put other smart phone makers out of business. I think they might chance the rules for how smart phones are made, but I think they will have a hard time pushing everyone else out of business.

Many people try to tell me that Apple is going to do to the cell phone market what it did to the MP3 player market. I have a hard time seeing this. Apple entered the mp3 player market in 2001. The devices had only been around since 1998. Apple brought people to the market, they did not people to switch away from other products.

The cell phone market is different than that. It is a market that has been around longer and has much higher penetration. The average person is on their 3 or 4th cell phone by now. People have ideas what they like and what they don't. Steve Jobs said at the keynote that everyone hates their cell phone. That is not correct. I love my cell phone. I have an LG VX9000. It is perfect for what I use it. The keyboard is great for sending text messages. I am not always happy with my cell phone service provider, because they charge to much for some services.

I am not going to say the iPhone is going to fail. I am not going to say that the in three years Apple, Inc will be the only companies making cell phones. I am happy that Apple is taking a chance my making a cell phone. It is still a chance. Apple still needs to do work to deliver this phone. Once they get the phone to market it is not over either. They will have to keep on going. I am looking forward to see how the market changes in the next 2-3 years.


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