I think all the home teams have the advantage this weekend in the NFL playoffs. The home teams all had a week off and more time to prepare for the game. All of them are good teams. I do not think any of them are in the playoffs from a fluke. That being said it is hard to think that the home team will win all for games. The hard part is predicting which home team will lose.

Here is how I rank the teams that are most likely to upset the home team:
1. New England
2. Philadelphia
3. Seattle
4. Indianapolis

I put New England at the top of this list because Tom Brady is at his best in the playoffs. He is 11-1 in the playoffs for his career.

I put Philadelphia second on this list because the defense has a lot of playoff experience. I would say that New Orleans is a better team overall, but Philadelphia has a punchers chance at winning.

Seattle has a good team, but they have not been playing well this season. They were lucky beating Dallas. Chicago has a good defense, but Rex Grossman is unproven. I think that Chicago will have to give the game away for Seattle to win.

Indianapolis has the worst chance of pulling the upset. Baltimore has a crushing defense. Indianapolis needs the perfect game plan and the perfect game to win.

Lets see what happens when they play the games. Go Eagles!


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