Reliving the betamax days

The Hi-Def DVD format fight is going on right now, but few people out side of the consumer electronic industry have really noticed so far. I have not heard a huge cry from consumers for this to be solved. I read that DVD sales are starting to lag, but it is hard to say if there is any connection to the state of HD DVDs.

I have to think that Sony might be making a bad choice with No Adult Content on Blu-Ray. This is one of the reasons that Betamax failed. Porn has always been known for moving Technology forward. If Sony does not want adult content on Blu-Ray that opens the door for HD DVD. You think all those guys who spend all their time playing

The problem is that DVDs and future DVDs might already be dead. Everyone is working on the download solution for movies. Will people want DVDs at all. The problem with HD content is that Americans have slow broadband connections and HD content is so big. On top of that, it is cheaper to put it on disk and ship it rather than to let someone download it. Maybe none of this important.

The Format war might not be solved. LG is offering a player that will play both HD DVD and Blu-Ray. Warner Brothers is going to sell movies on a disk that will be both HD DVD and Blu-Ray. I have an HDTV, but I do not plan on buying an HD DVD player any time soon. This Christmas was called the Christmas where HDTV broke though. Lets see if it true and how it impacts DVDs.


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