SV Photo Portrait day

SV Photo Portrait day:
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This woman Erin posed for a group of photographers last year. She modeled for us for about 3 hours. I took about 2 GB of photos that day. I have hundreds of photos of this woman I only met once.

I did not post very many of the pictures at the time. I went back over the past couple of weeks and posted some of the photos. I am impressed that I did such a good job with some of these photos. They might not be great, but they are some of the best photos I have ever taken.

I feel that I know this woman much better than I do. I have been looking at these photos so much, I feel a connection to her. I remember that she was really cool and I had a great time taking photos of her. The truth is if she walked by me right now, I might miss her.

I am just trying to think about the ways that image affects me.


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