Town Square

Town Square
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I am traveling for work. I am visiting this small town Andalusia, Alabama. The town is really small. I was told that restaurants are not often open on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. Those nights are so slow, it is not worth enough money for the restaurants to be open.

The town is the county seat. After a couple of conversations with people I am working with, they told me about the town square. I was driving around today looking for the town square. It was only 7 PM and everything was closed down. Almost every store on the square had a tenant. They just close early.

I ask the people I am working with what they do for fun. The answer falls into three categories. 1) Go 90 miles away and so something fun, 2) Stay home, and 3) Nothing. I am told you are either the type of person who likes this kind of area or you are not. The people who are not end up leaving.

Whenever I go anywhere I ask myself if I could live there. I can say that I could not live in Andalusia, Alabama. The houses are nice, but I need to be able to do things. I am a bit of a home body, but you have to be an extreme homebody to live here.

I will be happy to get back to San Jose.


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