Writing Slowly

I see things happen in the news and it takes me a few days to write about it. I wonder if the moment is already past by the time I get around to writing about it. It is really hard to know. I know that blogs are at the type of instant communication, but it takes me a while to come up with ideas. If I was not working full time I might be able to sit around and blog all the time.

I think there can be too much instant opinion in this day and age. I need a day or two to think about my arguments. I need time to write those arguments out. I need to time to think about events and what those events mean.

The problem is that the writing can stretch out why past the point where the event I am writing about is in the news. I find myself writing about things after everyone else has moved on. I wonder if anyone cares by the time I get to write about things.

I should not be too worried. I am not sure anyone cares about what I write about anyway. I should just try to say focused and write whenever I can.


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