1-31-07 Over Reaction

From what I read on Live Journal I can tell that I am not the only person who thinks the whole Boston/Aqua Teen Hunger Force event is really silly. I am not the only person who think the authorizes in Boston are now trying to cover themselves fort he over reaction. The devices do not look like bombs. They look like light-brights.

The worst part is that them over reacting does not make me feel safe. In fact it makes me feel less safe. It makes me feel that they city of Boston has no idea of how to assess a threat. If they cannot assess a threat a terrorist could drain resources very easily. Worst off they can cause a fake situation and attack after that. Looking at what happened, it might be true that the terrorist have won.

Right now the powers that be in Boston want to put these guys in jail as revenge. I think this is a waste of tax dollars. The people who are best out of shape about this should get their heads out of the holes they are in and use the chance to learn something. I just worry it will not happen.


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