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Phillies v. Giants: Pitching
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Baseball is only a few weeks away. I always look forward to baseball. Baseball is my favorite sport. I enjoy being able to check the scores everyday to see what is happening. I enjoy watching baseball tonight and sports center. I enjoy those games where it feels like nothing is happening, but you cannot turn away.

I was surprised how much of a baseball town San Francisco is. Most people would expect it to be a Football town with the 49ers and the Raiders. Sports fans seem to get more excited about the Giants and the A's. It might be because the 49ers will never be as great as they were in the 80s ever again. It is not their fault, no team will be that great again.

Maybe it is the transport nature of the area. Baseball fans from all over seem to get along better than football fans from all over the place. I will go to a Giants or A's game to see anyone play. For football I would rather stay home and watch the Eagles than go to a 49ers game.

Baseball season will be here before I know it. That is a good feeling about time flying.


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