Dial B for Blogs

I have been reading all the archive post from Dial B for Blog. Dial B for Blog is no longer active, but it has a big archive. The writer has taken the character Robby Reed from the Dial H for Hero comic as his pen name. The blog mostly looks at old comics. At the start he did a lot of funny comparisons of different comics, but as it goes on the blog becomes more sincere.

I have been thinking about comics lately and the internet has just been making it worst. Wikipedia has a lot of good comics information. I have been able to find just about everything that I have been looking for there. There is a lot of good writing about comics on the internet. Most of the stuff that interests me right now is looking at stories about old comics.

Looking at Dial B for Blog made me look for the list of Public Domain Comic Book characters. There is part of me that would love to write a story with an old public domain comic book character. I would love to mine those old storied to make new stories. I think that is one of the powers of comics. I would love to write a story like that.


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