I was tooling around YouTube and found a copy of Epic 2015. It is an updated version of Epic 2014. It is interesting to see what they updated. No there is no mention of television at all.

I first saw Epic 2014 back in 2005. They funny thing is that if felt really true back in 2005. That was before I started using Flickr all the time. That was before YouTube or MySpace got really big.

Now I watch this video and I feel like it has to be redone again. I am more confident then ever before that big companies will have a hand in the media of the future. Even if that media is nothing like what it is like today. I think that much of the current media will be able to make the jump.

There is no mention of TiVo or Television in this version at all. There is no mention of Flickr, MySpace, or Google Video. I think that they do not pay enough attention to social networking.

I wonder if we will see a new version of this. If I was writing the next version it would not end with death of the New York Times. I do not think that is the worst thing that can happen. I think it would be much worse if every other news paper in America shut down and all you could choose from was the New York Times and USA Today. I think we are in closer danger of losing all the local media. I think that would be a much bigger problem.

I wonder how soon I will see the next version.


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