I am in Kennewick, Washington for business today. It is a small place in Eastern Washington. It is part of the tri-cities. Most of the people I talk to never heard of it before. Saying it is south of Spokane gives people some idea of where it is.

I was driving down a street seeing houses that were built in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. I tried to think what this area must have been like in all of those eras. Most of the people I have worked with here came here from someplace else. I wonder how much of the population have been here all their lives. The woman who checked me into my hotel told me that she has only once been on an airplane. When you are in a place where most of the people grew up there, it changes the weight of history.

I am not going to be hear long enough to ask myself if I could really live here or not. My guess it not. I had to fly a turbo prop to get here. That would cut way down how often I get away. It looks like a pretty nice area. I was told the best times to visit are summer and vine harvest.


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