Leaving Seattle

I have been to Seattle a half Dozen times or so now. My experience of Seattle is one of being alone. I have never come here with someone else. I have never explored the city with anyone else. I have been on my own every time I have come here.

I am not sure what that say about Seattle or about me. I like Seattle. I feel there is something that draws me here. Every time I go there I try to figure out how I can move there.

It is hard to travel on your own. It is hard to go sight seeing and not share it with anyone. It is hard to motivate myself to keep on going when I get tired. I usually see less when I am alone. I face these things all the time. It is rare for me to travel with someone else.

I left Seattle early today because the weather was rough and I was out of ideas of things to do. Now it is onto the business part of this trip.


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