Mooninite and Self

Mooninite and Self
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Someone in the office bought a Mooninite sign. This one is from Portland not Boston. It is a nice piece of handy work. This is not just a cheap thing. They spent some money on this.

Looking at it I cannot figure out how someone thought it was a bomb. Yes it has batteries and LEDs. It had no where for explosives to be. I know it was hanging on walls, but I just don't see it.

There are lots of funny videos on YouTube about this. Seeing this just shows me how the media is changing. I know that YouTube is a secondary media. They are taking the news and commenting on it again. I wonder if anyone in the regular media looks at this and change the way they look at the way they do their job. My guess is that they do not so far. Maybe they will in the future. This is one of my favorites.

All of this makes me wonder what will come of this. Personally I hope that it makes people think more


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