New Body v More Glass

I am wondering how I should spend my photographic Budget. What should I buy first, a better DSLR body or more lens? I am not sure which would make my photography better. Right now I only have 2 lens. I have a 28-80mm and I have a 50mm 1.4. I know that I could use a wider lens and a longer zoom lens.

The Nikon D80 has come out recently. I was playing with it in the store the other day. It is a really nice camera. It is easy to see how it is better than my D50. I am not sure how much using a D80 would effect my photography.

It is a question of what should I save the money for first. I could scrap the money up for a new lens rather quickly. I would have to save for a while to get a new D80 body. I am not sure where the money would be better spent.


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