I have been thinking about the Nokia N800 internet tablet. It is basically the iPhone with out the apple name or the phone features. I read a lot of people blog how they would like a non-phone version of the iPhone for less money. It looks like that is what the Nokia N800 is. I wonder why it is not getting any attention. I have not heard people get geeked about this device. I wonder if Nokia is doing a poor job promoting it. I would like to read some more reviews, but I am not finding very many.

Right now I am not in the market for an internet tablet. If I had an extra $399 to throw around, it would be toward more lenses for my camera. It would not be for a miniature wi-fi device. I am not really sure who is in the market for that device. I am usually willing to tote around my laptop when I want to get on the internet.

I wonder if they are laying low right now. They have up until the iPhone is released to make noise. They also could be putting themself in a place to catch some of the iPhone runoff when it is released. I wonder if we will be seeing more devices like this.


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