Reunion by number

I heard on the radio that the Police are planing a reunion tour. They are getting back together for the Grammys tonight. I have to say that this is a bit of a disappointment. I loved the Police when I was young, but I cannot see an artistic reason for them to get back together. I cannot see what they will do that will be interesting or good for music. I think they are just getting back together for the money.

For a long time they were the Police where the best band that never really got back together. They never put a new album out and they never went on tour. I know they recorded one song, but that is under the bar.

Now the Smiths are the best band to break up and never get back together, that can get back together. I cannot see the Smiths getting back together. I think that Morrissey would never do that. The Clash are already in the Hall of Fame for that. Of course the Clash could not get back together now.

If the Police put a good album out I will eat my words. I just can't see them doing it. I cannot see them making an album anywhere close to Synchronicity or Ghost in the Machine. If they just go on tour you know it is just about the money.


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