Tag Overload

There is a limit to the number of characters that can be used with the Blogger 'Label' system. I forget the limit, but I have run into in on some of my lists. When I run into that limit I use the tag 'Tag Overload'. I wonder how many other people use meta-tags. I wonder how many other systems have tag limits.

One of the interesting things it me is how tags do not have standards. I had to come up with tag overload on my own. I had no guidelines or standards to rely on. Everyone is making things up for themselves. I know this is one of the points of tags. We want to decentralize information. In the long run the most powerful meme will become the standard.

I wonder how we will look back at tags in five years. Will they change the world or will we look back at them and wonder what we were thinking? I know that for some people tags have change the way they think about information. One of the key ideas about tags is that they do not fit into one category, but many categories.


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