What does it mean to Go Green?

I was watching the Oscars tonight and they said that they have gone green this year. They said that they have incorporated green practices in all stages of the production. This statement says nothing. We know nothing about how much energy they are saving. We no nothing about what they are doing to reduce carbon emissions. The web site says nothing about what they are doing. It only describes what the public can do.

To be honest, telling me you are green now, means nothing to me. You can pat yourself on the back all your want. You still are selling cars during the commercials and some of them are SUVs. You are selling makeup, candy, credit cards, soda, and soap. I am not sure these ads for the the greenest products in the world. It means very little for your broadcast to be green and the products you are selling are not green.

I do not want to hear that you are green. I want to hear that the broadcast is carbon neutral. Hey Oscars, call me when you get there. After that call me when all movies are carbon neutral. That is the only way we will get where Al Gore wants us to go.


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