Zero Impact, Staring the RIAA

According to a new study P2P effect on legal music sales "not statistically distinguishable from zero". I did not see that one coming. I always thought the impact was low, but I never thought it was as low as zero.

This means the music industry is losing more money putting DRM on music than it is saving by keeping sales. This is money that could be coming to the labels bottom lines. This money could be helping you. Instead you are wasting it. Just think of all that money you wasted suing people using P2P networks. That must have been a pretty penny.

I know that the music industry will come out against this report. They will say it is cutting into their bottom line. They will say that something has to account for the lack of sales. It could not be that the music coming out sucked and that the people running record labels are out of touch. It could not be that you had no idea how to promote your music on the internet until Myspace dropped. I think I am going to believe the study.


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