Berlin Wall in Mountain View

Berlin Wall in Mountain View
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Today I went to the section of the Berlin Wall that is in a parking lot in Mountain View California. I have know about this for years not, but this is the first time actually visited. There are sections of the Berlin Wall in a couple of places in America. There is plaque for the display, but it does not say why it is there.

It is in the back of a business park in the edge of Mountain View. When I talk to people about this they all want to know why it is there. I never have a good answer for them. It makes sense that pieces of the wall are in places like the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum, and Westminster College. People have no clue why this is here.

Berlin Wall in Mountain View

When I saw the piece of the way, I wondered why these are not all over the place. I wondered why every state in America does not have a piece of the Berlin Wall on displace. You would think that Americans would want to show off more. You would think we would have imported 100s of sections of the wall.

This is a cool piece of history to have close to me. I am glad that I went to see it. This vacation is becoming about doing things I have put off for a while.

UPDATE: I wanted to include this comment from Don

The wikipeida article is not complete. There are more pieces of the Berlin Wall in America than are listed. For example, there's one at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.



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