Jobs and Gender

I have not thought about gender and work in a while. In the Merc news today there is a story about how jobs are divided by gender. This is pretty interesting. I wonder if this has anything to do with women settling for less in salary negations. I wonder if this might pull a whole profession down.

I also wonder if it is something else all together different. This stat really stood out to me.

About 42 percent of the nation's working women are employed in just 20 occupations out of 450 on the government's standardized roster of jobs, including preschool and kindergarten teachers (98 percent female), secretaries and administrative assistants (97 percent female), receptionists (93 percent female), registered nurses (91 percent female) and maids and house cleaners (88 percent female).

It makes me wonder about the labor supply and demand in these fields. I wonder if this is more than just labor the difference. Is there a difference in the competitive nature of these fields? Is like fields for a men more dangerous or dirty. I think looking at the top five might give us some insights.

5 most female jobs

1. Dental hygienists
2. Preschool and kindergarten teachers
3. Secretaries and administrative assistants
4. Dental assistants
5. Speech-language pathologists

5 most male jobs

1. Logging workers
2. Automotive body and related repairers
3. Cement masons, concrete finishers, terrazzo workers
4. Bus and truck mechanics, diesel engine specialists
5. Electrical power-line installers and repairers

To be honest I do not hear feminists yelling for more women to be in these fields. I think you need to see longer lists to see what is happening. I am not sure that these things are going to change any time soon. I am not saying that sexism is not at work here, but there are forces more powerful than just regular men being sexists here. Unless those forces are understood nothing with change.


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