Old Mix - Job Layoff Mix

I was looking at an old Sad Salvation entry and I found a mix that I never finished. It was a Job/Layoff mix from back in 2001. It was at the bottom of the bubble and lots of people were getting laid off.

I figure that I better finish up the mix and put in my blog. It has become a little more of a work mix. tell me what you think.

I Better Take Anything They Got

Career Opportunities - The Clash
Where Do I Go - Hair Soundtrack
Fred Jones Pt 2 - Ben Folds
Cowboy - Kid Rock
Finest Worksong - R.E.M.
Call In Sick - Big Daddy Graham
Happy Workers - Tori Amos
Working In A Coal Mine - Devo
Working Undercover for the Man - They Might Be Giants
Taking Care of Business - BTO
Work Is A Four-Letter Word - The Smiths
9 To 5 - Dolly Parton
Today Was A Good Day - Ice Cube
I Will Survive - Gloria Gainer


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