Life on other planets

I heard a news story the other day about the huge Hexagon on Saturn. Right now scientists cannot explain what it is. On the radio they were comparing the Hexagon on Saturn to the Red Spot on Jupiter.

After hearing this story on the radio I kept on thinking about the Red Spot on Jupiter. What would it like to live on a habitual planet with this kind of storm on it? I do not think I have ever read this in science fiction. What would it be like to be on a planet with a permanent storm on it? Think of a planet like earth that had a hurricane over a land mass and that hurricane never ended. Think about a hurricane over the Tropic of Capricorn that never stopped.

I wounder what it would do to living conditions around the storm would be like. I wonder if the storm would make the area impossible to live in or would it be like the Nile after the floods? Would the storm be different over land or over sea?

I wonder how that would effect the development of culture on that planet. I think that so much of the planet's culture would be effected by the storm. People would worship the storm as God or as the work of God.

As the culture grew up would people challenge the storm? Would extreme adventures try to defy the power of the storm. Would businesses find ways to make money off the storm. Would the storm be blamed for droughts and plagues. Would Scientist try to find a way to put an end to the storm.

I wish I knew someone who taught a creative writing class. I think this would be a good idea of a bunch of writers to try to tackle.


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