Memo to Educational System: Duh

In the Mercury News there is a story about how schools are banning iPods because of cheating. This story makes me think two thing. First it turns me into "Back in my day" guy. None of my teachers would have let em get a way with having an iPod in class. It is a sign of disrespect to the teacher and it is a distraction. I am not even sure why kids would have iPods in class anyway. It is not going to help them learn, except in maybe music class.

The second think I think is for the schools, DUH, of course kids are going to use iPods to cheat. iPods had to be out five years before you figured that out. My high school banned walkmen. Cheating may or may not had something to ti with it, but I do know people back then who used their walkmen to cheat.

I know that iPods and computer tech makes it a little easier to cheat now. Leaving your book open in Spanish class is not as sexy as putting the answers on your iPod. Writing your cribsheet on your sock is not as tricky putting it as a text file on your iPod. If I was a teacher I would not be letting my students have iPods in class. That would be a simple call.


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