The Centruy of Copyright Crime

I read today that the Bush administration would like to make 'Attempted' copyright infringement a crime. Reading this makes me red with anger. This is not the way to treat consumers. This is not the way to treat intellectual properties. This is not the way to treat free speech.

I really hope this law does not pass. I do not want it to pass because I know it will be miss used. I know that these laws will not be used against organized criminals who are running large scale pirating rings. The RIAA has already shown us they are going to abuse these laws. They will use laws will be used against college students and single mothers. They are going to use these laws to make examples of people. It just is not right.

These laws are promoted as protecting American workers and American business. In the end they will hurt American companies. They will limit the kinds of products that can be made. They will limit the ways people can use content. They will limit innovation. They will be a drag on American business as companies have to spend time protecting other companies copyrighted properties. Time to start contacting our congress people.


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