Favorite NPR Show

I am not sure if most people know or not, but I am a huge NPR fan. My guess is that most of my friends already know that. My favorite show on NPR is On the Media. I like this show because it looks at the news and how it is covered. In a world of spin and counter spin looking at the way the news is covered is very important.

People on both the left and the right thing that the media is the enemy. People on the center left and center right are cynical about the media. People in the center wonder why the media is not doing a better job. I do not think anyone is happy with the media, maybe for maybe some of the people in the media.

It is not enough to just complain about the media and throw your hands up. It is easy to just let the Daily Show be the only place you get your news. The problem is that will not make anything better. It will just let the people who watch To Catch a Predator decide what is on the news.

I think that listening to On The Media is doing something about it. It is at least a start in the right direction. There is also a lot of good blog material on this show.

Not only can you hear this show on your local NPR station. You can also hear it via podcast. That is how I have been listening to it.


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