Money Advice

I was reading Money Advice for Grads and I could hear the first thing come out of a lot of my friends mouth. How will I have a social life if I do these things? I think there are a lot of things you can do to save money here.

- Use websites like Upcoming to find free events. -- Some are free to attend and some have open bars. A little reading can go a long way.

- Socialize with people from work -- I hear lots of people say that do not want to be friends with people they work with. This is an immature way to look work interactions. When you are looking for a future job, people like you is important.

- Don't buy all the gear the moment you start a new hobby -- In a lot of social circles hobbies are viral. I knows lots of people with scuba gear the never really used.

- Never shop when you are depressed -- I cannot tell you how many people I know who use retail therapy and ended up putting thousands of dollars on their credit cards.

- Make your own lunch -- You work 260 days a year. You can see how to do that math on that.

- Pre-plan going out to lunch with colleges -- It is important to go out to lunch with the people you work with. It builds strong bonds and he helps you understand the rest of the business. Pre-planning where you are going can help control costs.

- Don't become a snob. Drink the coffee they have in the office if it is free, learn how to drink cheap beer, and never turn down a free sandwich.

- Don't smoke or quit smoking -- Taxes and addiction are not a good combination.

- Have your friends over to your place -- I know that being young people want to go out. If you are going to a bar to just hang with your friends, think about having them over you place. The beer is much cheaper at home.


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