News Flash: Interent hurting Adult Industry

I did not expect to see the story about how the Internet is hurting the pornographic film industry. The story is about how low price cameras and recent web tools have made it easy for anyone to make an adult film.

“The barrier to get into the industry is so low: you need a video camera and a couple of people who will have sex,” Mr. Fishbein said.

My guess is the culture of web exhibitionism does not help either. People are willing to show a lot of themselves on the web. It is not a big leap to showing them shelves doing adult acts. It is like Girls Gone Wild without the middle man.

I have yet to see the social networking site around pornography. The kind of place where you can let all your friends know what kind of pornography you like and meet people with similar tastes. I know this site is coming some day.

For years the story was that pornographers were the only people making money on the internet. Now the pornographers making money on the internet are eating into the profits of pornographers making adult films. I wonder if the internet had reduced the value of pornographic films. Is the new distribution system changed how the whole industry works?


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