Sing Your Life

The other day I was describing Midomi to Eric. For him these website is a version of hell. It is a web site where you can listen to amateurs sings acapella versions of songs. If you want to, you can record your own versions of the songs and post them on the site.

I can best describe this web site as an old fashion time suck. The kind of time suck that have become an art in the age of the internet. I keep on searching for more and more songs. There is something about listening to these songs that is just addictive.

For the most part cover songs are about truth. There is some other truth to that song that you never heard before. Really good covers makes you think something totally different about the original version. It is not that these versions have showed me any new truth about these songs. Most of the tracks you hear either how much the people love the song or how they really want to sing it well.

Every couple of tracks I hear something, like the person is almost showing me new truth. They are not quite there, but they are close enough for me to listen to another 10 songs or so. Every time I am about to give up, there is one more track, that track that grabs you, that track that puts a smile on your face and makes you think this is not so crazy, that track that makes you think you will find that special thing you are looking for. After that track I listen to 10 more.

I know this site is not for everyone, but I also know that some of my friends will fall under Minomi's spell.


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