Lessons about putting things off

The San Jose Grand Prix is no more. Next Year Champ Car is not coming back to San Jose. There will be no cars racing around the streets of San Jose next year. I missed the San Jose Grand Prix all three years. It looks like I will never get to one. I kept on telling myself I wanted to go. This year could have been the year, but it was at the same time as Comic Con. Of course Comic Con won for me. Now there is not next year.

I am sad to see the Grand Prix go. Many of my friends did not like the Grand Prix, but I thought it was good for the city. San Jose has to find ways to get more people to come here. I think San Jose has a lot to offer, but it needs to be pushed to develop. Lots of people are happy to see us as a suburb of San Francisco. I think that San Jose can be more than that, but only if people have vision. This is a sad day for San Jose in my eyes.


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