Let define Green

I read that Norway outlaws "Green" car advertisements. They do not want any car to advertise to say they car is good for the environment.

The rationale for the ban is simple. All cars pollute, even fuel-efficient cars, so calling a car green is a bit of a stretch. It’s like referring to filtered cigarettes as healthy. Norwegian government-type person Bente Oeverli explains, “Cars cannot do anything good for the environment except less damage than others.”

This is a good point. A while ago I thought it was funny to see the Prius commercials where they say it is good for the environment. In the US we know that people are not going to give up their cars until we have to. There is no way we will give up until there is no gas left. Environmentalist in the US want us to be less bad. In Norway they are more likely to get people to give up their cars I guess.

I like this idea. I have a hard time seeing us consume our way to a better environment. I know people who see it that way. It takes a ton of water to make a pound of coffee, even if it is organic and shade grown.


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