Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

On the radio today I heard people talk about the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. The conversation was about race and the Presidency. One of the people on the radio said that Just because Bill Clinton has Credibility with African Americans that does not automatically transfer to Hillary Clinton. They went on to talk about Tony Morrison calling Bill Clinton our first black President.

I have heard this before. I cannot really tell you off the top of my head what Bill Clinton did for African Americans. I cannot think of one policy choice he made or big effort out of the White House that was Pro African American. When I try to look for it I find stories like this one. If you know any policy or law making that would answer my question, please let me know. I am wondering if I am missing something.

I know that DeWayne Wickham is saying in the story above. I think that a president should be judged on one thing, how he runs the country. How you feel about them is not important.


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