If I started comics right now

Wonder Con 2007: TV Batman
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I have been thinking about what I would do If I started a super hero comics right now.

-No costumed characters without powers
-No long standing secret identities
-Lots of villain vs. villain feuds. Heroes would spend a lot of time breaking up these feuds
-Lots of hero vs. hero feuds. These would be less public but source of a lot of rumors
-Heroes would be part of celebrity culture
-Lots of hero and villain sexual and romantic relationship.
-Lots of Post traumatic stress disorder
-Lots of Hero identities being passed from one hero to another
-Super Hero groups would be like rock bands
-Super heroes would get caught in politics
-Paparazzi would follow superheroes
-Some Superheroes would get old and their powers would fade, while others would not
-Some Heroes would have a negative public persona. This would be the Barry Bonds effect.

Right now DC comics and Marvel comics are consistent with their past. They have created the world like it has always been for them. I think if you started a new superhero comic you could make some real changes. I am not sure anyone would ever get this chance.


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