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Comic Con 2006: Wonder Woman
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I was thinking about Wonder Woman. She has never been an interesting character to me. Her most interesting stories are all the way back in World War 2. In my life time the most interesting stories have been about her and the Gods of Olympus. I like the stories where the Gods are worried about losing their power because no one worships them.

I am not sure what would make an interesting Woman Woman story now. I like her in the Justice League. I thought she was a great character in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons. That might be because she was being played off Superman and Batman.

I wonder if the hard part of Wonder Woman is that she is so Iconic, but what she stands for has changed a lot over the years. To be honest, Batman and Superman have not changed all that much in the past 75 years. They have had a lot of character development, but they are still icons of something easy to understand.

I think the Icon of Wonder Woman is harder to understand. In part is it harder to think about what a woman should be. I think there are lots of different images of what a Wonder Woman could be. If I wrote Wonder Woman I would make this a conflict for her. I would make it clear to her that she thought about how the world saw her.

On Yahoo Answers someone asks if DC should change how Wonder Woman dresses. I think the answers are pretty interesting. It says a lot about how people see women and Wonder Woman. I think these questions should exist inside of the the comic book also

I have some ideas what I would do with a Wonder Woman story. Some ideas that I do not want to share here. I should try writing a Wonder Woman story. If there are any Wonder Woman fans out there you should let me know what Wonder Woman stories I should read


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