The year of free entertainment.


I have been thinking about how much free media there is out there right now. Between Podcast, Free video websites, blogs, and YouTube you have thousands of hours free programing out there. This is only staying with legal sources also. I spend a lot of money on media every year. Between cable, emusic, going to movies, and all the rest of media I buy that is a lot of coin.

I have been thinking about just not paying for media anymore. I am thinking about going with all free sources. There are sites that give out free mp3s like Daytrotter. I can attach a computer to my big TV. I can watch podcasts, full TV shows on Hulu, clips from TV shows on Comedy Central's Website. There are even some professional podcasts out there.

I am not sure I could do this. I am not sure I could give up my cable television more than anything else. Having a TiVo Series3 makes having digital cable pretty cool. Without digital cable I only get one digital channel with antenna. It sees like a waste.

Maybe 2009, when I am saving up for something special, I will be able to get rid of all my pay media.


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