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Roger"The Rocket"Clemens
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I worked from home today so I got the chance to watch Roger Clemens in front of Congress. After watching that, Roger Clemens comes off as someone even less credible. He did not seem like someone who cannot admit what he has done. If felt like your ego was keeping you from the truth. He seems like he does not want to lose his reputation. After watching all that, Brian McNamee might be a lier, but I trust him more than I trust Roger Clemens. This might have hurt your bid to get into the Hall Of Fame more than anything else.

What got me is when he talked about performance enhancing drugs and what he tells kids. He said that there is no shortcuts. The only want to succeed is hard work. To me this is a sign he totally does not understand why people take performance enhancing drugs. I have known people to "juice" as we called it back in the day. They did not do it so they could skip workouts. They did not do it because they wanted to sleep in and not work hard. The did it because they wanted to be better and were willing to do whatever it took to be better. They wanted to cross that gap between what they could do on their own and what they could do with help.

I have no doubt that Roger Clemens did not need performance enhancing drugs to get into the major leagues. No matter what he says, it was not only hard work that got him to the show. After today I realize that he was going to do whatever it took to keep being on the the best pitchers ever. I do not think performance enhancing drugs were a short cut for Roger Clemens. Lesser players could have taken them and got less results. I have no doubt that Roger Clemens always worked hard. Taking performance enhancing drugs was still cheating.

What gets me is that Roger Clemens could have blamed Major League Baseball. He could have blamed the owners for not testing. He could have blamed them for making taking performance enhancing drugs competitive necessary. I wonder if his ego got in the way.


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