What do blogs mean now

Comic Con 2006: Dear Blog

I was looking at an old blog entry from back in 2002. Back then someone had the idea of doing a peer blog review. At that point the idea seemed fresh and new. Now I am not sure this idea would mean anything at all.

I will admit that when I started my blog and when blogs started to get well know, they seemed like something really important. Blogs seemed like a way to get the internet that seemed to go away as part of the Dot.Com boom. There seemed to be something special about the information you could get from blogs.

I am not sure why I keep this blog going. I like to write and it is good to have one place where I can collect my thoughts. Sad Salvation is a good place for me to collect those thoughts and share them with other people. I am no longer trying to drive traffic to my blog. If people find it okay, if they do not I am not going to worry. They can do what they want to read me, more power to them.

I am not sure what kind of response you would get to a Blog Peer Review project right now. Would you want MySpace blogs included? Would you want to include blogs where all people do are cut and paste memes? Would you exclude personal blogs? Would you only include blogs that have big reader bases? I am not sure how I would answer these questions.

Back in 1996 I remember a watching TV and seeing an "expert" talking about the future of the internet. The news reporter asked him about the future of web surfing. He said that he was not sure web surfing had a future. He said that the web was still new and we could not be sure what would happen. He was not sure that people would still be staying up all night surfing the web, going wherever links take up. It look he was right.

I am not trying to say that blogs are going away, but they are not as powerful as they were a few years ago. They seem to be left in the past some. I am not sure what I will think about blogs in the future, but they are not as important to me as they were in the past.

What do blogs mean to you?


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