Flickr, Video, and Donuts

Wednesday was the Day of the Donut in Flickr land. If you have not been paying attention first Flickr added video. Right away people some users protested video on flickr. As a reaction to those protest other uses demanded that flickr give us donuts. Of course I backed the group that demanded donuts.

I understand the idea that the customer is always right, but I am shocked at how entitled some users are. They feel offended that flickr would stoop so low as to offer video. Of course everyone knows that video is the least common denominator on the internet.

If they do not like a feature, don't use it. I think that Elkit in Wonderland said it very well.

I get that you may have no use for this feature, but I don't get the part where you want to forbid it to everybody just because it's not *your* thing.

I know people have very strong feelings about flickr, but you need to give it a chance to grow. I get it that at this time just about every internet user has a favorite site that has been ruined by change. Everyone has a story of a site that used to be great but changed and never recovered.

My problem is that people have not given video a chance. Instantly they said all the idiots from youtube would flood over here and destroy Flickr. They have not even used the feature. Months ago when I first heard rumors of video I did not like the idea, but I think flickr has done a good job with it. The 90 second limit seems to be a great idea. They are long photos and not short video blogs.

Now lets see if there is any change. I trust the flickr staff not to screw this up. I just wished more users had that kind of faith.

We Demanded Donuts:


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