Save Polariod, Save Yourself

SFlickr 2: If I was a Camera

A few days before I got my Polaroid it was announced that it was going to stop making instant film. The business has been hit hard by the digital explosion. I cannot think of very many professional uses for polaroids anymore. I cannot see how they make enough money to make Polaroid film worth making. Today a friend sent me a link to a Save polaroid website.

We had a Polaroid when I was growing up. I remember one of my siblings getting a new Polaroid, taking pictures in the front year, and placing the yet to be exposed photos on the bush next to our front door. I remember watching the image expose right before my eyes. I was amazed at what was happening.

I am sad to hear that Polaroid is going away. I think it is a cool technology. It is the everyday world looking like magic. The world will be a little bit more sad without instant cameras.

All that said I will not be able to buy enough Polaroid film for a company to make a business off it. I will not spend the money on a pack of Polaroid film for it to be a specialty item. I think it is fun, I would like it to be around forever, but I cannot say that I will vote with my wallet. I just cannot stand up and say that this is important enough for me to help save it. Some one else will have to save it.

The Polaroid


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