Taxing the Poor

I watched the latest episode of Now on PBS yesterday. It seemed like the right thing to watch on Tax day. They talked about taxing the poor more than taxing the rich. It was a good show. I think it did good job explaining the issue that Alabama is having with state taxes.

There is one thing that upset me. I was told I could find more information on the website. The show said that there would be state by state information. I was happy to find out how equitable my states policy is. When I got to the site I did not find anything about how equitable my state tax policy was. What I could find is state by state Income Inequality.

I feel this is a bit of a bait and switch. I want to know about my state's tax policy. I want to know what my state is doing poorly. I cannot show my friends something about income inequality. We all work in Silicon Valley, we expect that income inequality is a fact of life. What they do not expect is that the tax policy they enjoy is bad for the poor. It will disarm a lot of there liberal ideas.

In other tax ideas, people should listen to the KQED Forum interview with David Cay Johnston about his book Free Lunch. I think this highlights a lot of tax problems we are having right now. I think it says a lot about how the system needs to be changed.


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