Views on Flickr: Two Hundred Forty Six View Photo

Wonder Con 2007: Alice

I once had a conversation with another flickr user about views on flickr. I asked him about how many views his photos average. He said he did not take not of that. He said that he has about hundred contacts and all his photos get about 100 views. This idea blew me away. I knew that this did not happen to me. I know that most of my contacts do not see most of my photos.

When I got to know this flickr user better I found out how this might be true for him and not true for me. He posts about three times a month. He also only posts about two or three photos at a time. I post between 20-30 days a month. I also post between 100 - 300 photos a month. I think it is much harder for all my viewers to view all my photos.

There are other problems. I know that many of my contacts do not long on often. At least 50 of them have not uploaded a new photo in 2008 yet. I know that I am uploading several days worth of photos between when they log on. That gets me less views.

I would love if all my contacts saw all my photos. I know that is not going to happen anytime soon. I know that I am not even going to average that many views. I could reduce my number of contacts to see what happens, in the end I am not sure that would help.


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