California and Gay Marriage

I am not surprised that the California Supreme Court decided that Marriage is not limited to opposite sex couples. I was surprised it was a five to four decision. I expected it to not be so close.

In the past days since this has happened I have heard lots of points of view about this. The points of view range from "Finally" to "This is judges making new laws from the bench," from "Marriage is a human right" to "the state should not be in the business of marriage." There are a lot of voices with a lot of messages on this topic.

I did not change my registration in them to vote on Prop 22 was on the ballet. I did not get a chance to vote on it. At that time I was surprised at how it won by 60%. This is a heavily Democrat state. Later that year Al Gore and Ralph Nader took 57% of the presidential vote.

Now there is a movement to put a amendment to the state constitution on the ballet. Both sides are raising a lot of money. The court ruling has put both sides into action. It will be a really interesting election if this gets onto the ballet this November.


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