Media computer

I was reading this story about someone replacing their Apple TV with a Mac Mini. I think this is an interesting idea. I have been thinking about a Home Theater Computer for some time now. I am not looking for something to solve all my problems. I am not going to get rid of my TiVo. I think the standalone DVR is the only way to go. There are somethings that I really want a home theater computer for.

There is a minimal list of things I want a media computer to do:

Network Websites
Upconvert DVDs
Bluray DVDs
Play Music
Display photos from Flickr

It is a shame that none of the set top boxes out there like VUDU or Apple TV do this. There is a lot of good free content out there. Right now the set top boxes let you get to minimal free content. They are closed platforms limiting the kind of content you can get to. It is a shame that I have to set up a media computer to get to this content.

I understand it will not make any money for them like letting you rent or purchase content would, but it would make the box more useful. It would make it so customers used the boxes more often. If people are using your box you get more chances they might decide to purchase or rent something. It also open up the doorway to advertise to the users.


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