Where have you gone Barry Bonds

It seems that no one is willing to sign Barry Bonds and the Union is pissed. Well at least Jeff Borris is pissed. According to the new reports Barry Bonds has not received a signal offer. I am not sure if this is because Jeff Borris answers the phone, "if you not offering $10 million dollars a year, don't bother talking." Honestly, I think it is because Barry Bonds is indited without a court date yet. If general mangers knew that he was not going to have court dates during the September stretch run they might be willing to sign him.

The other problem is that only 14 teams might be willing to sign him. I would not play him in left field any more. that only leads American League teams. He could be a DH, but I am not sure a DH would be worth the risk that he might get hurt. I doubt he is willing to play for a discount. In the end, I do not think there is any collusion. Everyone has come to the conclusion that Barry Bonds is not worth signing.


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