Amazon, Publishers, and Book Sellers

I heard this story on a BBC podcast. The story is about how publishers are upset about the percentage of the profit that Amazon wants. I have a hard time feeling sorry for publishers, authors, or book store owner.

I am not sure what the problem with independent books sellers going out of business. It is not the same problem as small book store or large book stores. with large stores there is still a problem with how many books get on the shelves. With a company like Amazon that is not a problem. They can carry more books that all the small book stores in a city. I am not finding books in independent book stores I am not finding on the web.

I am also not so upset about Amazon going directly to the authors and cutting the publishers out of the loop. In a world where physical distribution changes from big print runs to print on demand and e-books, I am not sure what functions publishers play. You can cut out the publisher and the drag they have on the system. It is better for everyone in the end.

Right now the distribution part of the entertainment world are becoming more and more efficient. If you are part of that arm of the entertainment world, you need to find a way to also become more efficient. You need to rework your business models so they work. There are no guarantee that because your business model used to work it will still work now or in the future.


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