Cheaper iPhone, Kinda

Everyone has heard how the new iPhone will see at a price of $200. The problem is that this is not really the price of owning an iPhone. It took a while for it to come out that the new iPhones will not have the same pricing plans as the old iPhone. Gizmodo had done a iPhone cost of ownership comparison. It is a pretty interesting chart.

I am looking forward to the iPhone release so I can hear upgrade stories. I wonder what will happen to existing iPhone users who want 3G. I have read too many conflicting pricing plans for me to believe any of them. If I was ATT I would not let them gt the phone for $200. I would want them to pay more because I already have them as a customer and I am the only company with the iPhone. AT&T has very little chance of those those customers.

I guess I will be waiting to find out if I will be able to use an Android phone on Verizon.


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