Sports Heartbreaks

I hear about a Sports Illustrated Article about the 100 seasons without a title in Philadelphia. I know this heart break well. I was born just before the golden age of Philadelphia Sports. From 1974 to 1983 Philadelphia was a great sports town. They won 4 titles and made bunch of trips to the finals. when I was young I thought it would always be that way. Little did I know that those four titles were more than half the pro sports titles the city had in 100 years of pro sports. Now with another 25 years passing we have not added any titles. I only count the four major sports leagues. Those Indoor lacrosse, arena football, and Minor league hockey titles don't mean anything to me.

The rest of the four sport cities have one a title since we have. You can checkout The other four sport cities

The story has a list of Philadelphia Sports events that have happened in those 100 seasons.

61. This is the worst free agent signing in the history of sports.
26. Wondered what the NFL was thinking by letting this game be played.
24. Knew 2005 would not be the Eagles year
9. Knew that they were not going to win with Barkley and hoped he would get a title with the Suns
8. Gave up on the Eagles Season
6. Drank silly with my friends Eric and Darcey
5. My heart sank as I knew the Sixers were not going to win.
4. I saw for 15 minutes in a room with 30 eagles fans and no one made a sound. At that end of those 15 minutes I had to keep a man from beating up a person who made fun of us for sitting in the dark.
2. I Cried in my car as I watched in through a bay window and listened on the radio
1. I broke a deck furniture with a friend

With all these heart breaks, you might wonder why I stay loyal to my teams. You might ask why I would keep watching if they are going to break my heart. There are a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is because the good moments are so go, it makes easy to put up with the bad moments.

One of the moments that gives me home is the Willie Burton 53 point game for the Sixers. There is a great write up about the game on the Don't Ever Give Up Basketball blog, You need so scroll down to the bottom. This guy who could kindly be described as a journeyman did something that is reserved for NBA royalty. A guy who is a footnote in NBA history holds the single game scoring record for the Spectrum, a record he took from Michael Jordan. That is one of those moments that keeps me believing.


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