Story of the TiVo Remote

January 24: Remotes

I worked for TiVo for just short of 8 years. In that time I used and tested a lot of TiVo Remotes. It I counted up all the time I have had a TiVo remote in my hand, I think it would be more than a year. I think it is near prefect. It is the bets TV remote I have ever used. It really feels like part of me. Whenever I see a TiVo remote as a prop I point it out to whoever I am with.

Gizmodo interviewed Paul Newby for the story of the TiVo remote. The story is pretty good. Paul is a great person to work with. He was great at listening to feedback and making changes. He was never so in love with his design that he would not listen to someone else about it. It feel I had some impact on several versions of the remote.

I still have a lot of TiVo remotes. I have my own 5 year remote. It sits on my AV Center like a trophy. It has never been used. I prefer to use my ultra rare 4 address TiVo Remote. This was a custom hack that Paul made for some testers. It was a life saver when I used to work for TiVo.

five year remote


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